Tailwind alpinejs

Windstatic screenshot

A set of 161 elements & layouts made with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.

Tailkit Component Library screenshot

400+ fully responsive Application UI, Marketing and Ecommerce UI Components for your Tailwind CSS based projects with over 1,200 HTML, React, Vue.js and Alpine.js code snippets. Tailkit also includes 6 starter templates and 4 marketing and application templates.

Windows 11 screenshot

A concept template that looks like the Windows 11 desktop. Built with Tailwind CSS and HTML

Taildashboards screenshot

A set of 7+ free dashboard templates built with Tailwind CSS, HTML and Alpine.js

Reactdash screenshot

Reactdash is a React dashboard admin template with UI components built with Tailwind CSS & React Js. Makes it easy for developers to create React dashboards with a clean and modern look. Using the Vite build system to speed up development. There are two choices of default and compact layouts. You...

Tailboard screenshot

Tailboard is Tailwind dashboard template with responsive design and easy to development. Build with latest Tailwind Css and Alpine js. Integrated with Npm tool like Gulp, Browsersync and other tools for automatic workflow. Documented with live examples and snippets code. Easy to change colors, te...

Taildash screenshot

Taildash is Tailwind dashboard admin template with responsive design and easy to development. Build with latest Tailwind Css and Alpine js. Integrated with Npm tool like Gulp, Browsersync and other tools for automatic workflow. Documented with live examples and snippets code. Easy to change color...

Neat Starter screenshot

Starter Template for Netlify CMS, Eleventy, Alpine JS & Tailwind CSS

Django Unfold screenshot

Modern Django admin theme for seamless interface development

Filament screenshot

A collection of beautiful full-stack components for Laravel. The perfect starting point for your next app. Using Livewire, Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS.

Cms screenshot



The core Laravel CMS Composer package

Laravel Auth screenshot

Laravel 10 with user authentication, registration with email confirmation, social media authentication, password recovery, and captcha protection. Uses offical [Bootstrap 4](http://getbootstrap.com). This also makes full use of Controllers for the routes, templates for the views, and makes use of...

Merakiui screenshot

Tailwind CSS components that support RTL languages & fully responsive based on Flexbox & CSS Grid with elegant Dark Mode ๐Ÿš€ โ˜„๏ธ.

Laravel Starter screenshot

A CMS like modular starter application project built with Laravel 10.x.

Tailadmin Free Tailwind Dashboard Template screenshot

Free and Open-source Tailwind CSS Dashboard Admin Template that comes with all essential dashboard UI components, pages and elements

Tailwind Ui Components screenshot

Free Tailwind CSS UI Components - Crafted for modern websites, landing pages and web apps. TailGrids Core is free and open-source so, feel free to use with your personal or commercial projects. If you would like to show your support and love, don't forget to give us a star ๐ŸŒŸ

Django Unfold screenshot

Modern Django admin theme for seamless interface development

Shopper screenshot

Headless e-commerce administration built with Laravel to create and manage online store.

Shopper screenshot

Headless e-commerce administration built with Laravel to create and manage online store.

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Keywind is a component-based Keycloak Login Theme built with Tailwind CSS

Mary screenshot



Laravel Blade UI Components for Livewire 3

Kwd Dashboard screenshot

Fully responsive dashboard template built with tailwindcss & alpinejs

Dashboard screenshot

๐Ÿ›ฉ ๐Ÿงถ Dashboard template built with Tailwind CSS.

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Statamic Peak is an opinionated starter kit for all your Statamic sites.

Moonshine screenshot

Laravel Admin panel and more. Simple for beginners and powerful for experts. Using Blade, Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS.

11st Starter Kit screenshot

11ty, powered by Vite with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.

Tallstackui screenshot

TallStackUI is a powerful suite of Blade components that elevate your workflow of Livewire applications.

Hyperjs screenshot

HyperJS is a component library for Alpine JS allowing developers to quickly copy and paste functionality into their projects ๐Ÿ›ต

Spacebook screenshot

๐Ÿ’ฅ Create fast and simple documentation to explain almost anything. Uses Eleventy, Tailwind 2.0, and Alpine JS with an optional Netlify CMS.

Tailbliss screenshot

TailBliss is a Hugo Starter theme built on TailwindCSS 3, and Alpine.JS.

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As little code as possible. Learn more: https://css-tricks.com/eleventy-starter-with-tailwind-css-alpine-js/

Laravel Admintw screenshot

Laravel TALL admin theme

Demo screenshot



A demo Laravel project for Blade UI Kit.

TALL Dashboard screenshot

Tailwind CSS + AlpineJS + Laravel + Livewire dashboard (WIP)

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A starter template for the TEA stack (Tailwind, Eleventy, Alpine).

Laravel Tailwindcss Admin Dashboard Template screenshot

Mosaic Lite is a free admin dashboard template built on top of Tailwind CSS and fully coded in Laravel. Made by

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Laravel Boilerplate with Mazer Dashboard Template - Bootstrap 5

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Starter Kit for building a Web Extension with Tailwindcss & AlpineJS

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Larawind - Laravel 9.0+ Jetstream and Tailwind CSS Admin Theme

Php Microsite Boilerplate screenshot

An extremely simple and lightweight PHP framework/boilerplate to spin-up microsites at high speed. Optimized for Performance, Security, SEO, TailwindCSS, and Directus CMS.

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A Wordpress theme starter template for the modern web developer, including Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS and Laravel Blade

default image

A basic and simple admin panel for Laravel projects.

Iceburgcrm screenshot

Laravel CRM - PHP CRM - AI CRM - Metadata CRM. Iceburg CRM is Open Source, metadata driven, extendable, unlimited relationships, convertable modules, 29 default themes, light/dark themes. It also have optional AI Abilities Using AI describe your CRM and use AI to Create it.

Astros screenshot



Template with astro, tailwind and alpinejs

Hello Astro screenshot

Hello Astro is a multi purpose Astro starter theme written in Typescript, TailwindCSS and AlpineJS. It supports Markdown and MDX based pages and blog posts.

Skilline Landing Page screenshot

Free landing page template built on top of Tailwind CSS

default image

Extensible Phoenix liveview components, without boilerplate

11ta Template screenshot

Deeply customizable, full-featured, ready to publish blog template built with 11ty, TailwindCSS, & Alpine.js

Alpinejs Playground screenshot

A set of ready to use Alpine.js examples with TailwindCSS

Starter Kit Cool Writings screenshot

Statamic Starter Kit: Cool Writings

Eleventy Starter screenshot

An 11ty starter project.

TailwindCSS Alpine.js Template screenshot

Dashboard template created with Tailwind CSS & Alpine.js

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Lali (Laravel Livewire) Starter Project is The skeleton application for the Laravel starter project with TALL Stack.

Astro Theme Stone screenshot

Stone is a free and open-source Astro theme specially designed for Business, Marketing, SaaS and Startup websites.

Static Theme Misilog screenshot

Static Blog Theme

Starter Kit Starters Creek screenshot

Statamic Starter Kit: Starter's Creek

Axiom screenshot



Axiom - A Hugo Theme. GitTip: https://gitcoin.co/tip?username=jhauraw

Blade Ui Kit.com screenshot

Source code for the Blade UI Kit website and documentation.

Laravel Startkit screenshot

Laravel Admin Dashboard, Admin Template with Frontend Template, for scalable Laravel projects. It is to save your time when You start with new scalable Laravel projects with many features Bootstrap, cooreui, infyom admin Generator, roles and permissions, translatable models, spatie media and muc...

Dokto screenshot



Astro + Alpine + Tailwind Starter

Craft Cms screenshot

Boilerplate with Craft CMS, Tailwind CSS, VueJS & Alpine.js used for internal projects.

Website screenshot

Source code of the Laravel Cameroon meetup website.

Laravel Quickstart screenshot

Laravel Quick-Start is a boilerplate for Laravel Application with typical packages preinstalled and configured.

Compost screenshot

Compost is a simple theme for Hugo built with tailwindcss.

Astro Starter screenshot

Astro starter template

Larajournal screenshot

Simple blog based on Laravel 10 with Filament PHP admin panel

Bymattlee 11ty Starter screenshot

A starter boilerplate powered by 11ty, Sanity, Gulp, Tailwind CSS, rollup.js, Alpine.js and Highway.

default image



a free, open-source dashboard panel starter kit for Laravel

Resource Gallery screenshot

Resources related to software development

Resource Gallery screenshot

Resources related to software development

Astro Vitae screenshot

An ASTRO template for Curriculum Vitae (CV) with simple single-page layout. Just update your details in objects, and your CV is live.

YATAS screenshot



Yet Another Tailwind Alpine Starter

Zeus screenshot



a standalone app., a Starter Kit; it's pre-configured to run all Zeus packages and some extra perks.

Cms screenshot



Modern and secure CMS for Arcturus Emulator made in Laravel 10+ and AlpineJS.

Moox screenshot



The Moox Monorepo

Nyatet App screenshot

Todo List & Note Application

Laravel Blogkit screenshot

Kickstart the development of your Laravel Blog with this Starter Kit built Laravel 10, TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, and Livewire!

Restcontent screenshot

RestContent is a Headless CMS written in Go+Alpine, supports multiple sites, media libraries, and multiple users, and provides content management services for iOS, Android, Nuxt, Next, etc.

Kui Dashboard Html screenshot

Admin dashboard template built with tailwindcss & alpinejs

Nifty Ui screenshot

UI Library for Nifty applications built on Tailwind CSS, AlpineJS & Edge.js