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Lexington Themes Bundle 20+ Tailwind Templates screenshot

20+ Beautifully designed and coded templates for Astro and Tailwind CSS.

NoirFolio screenshot

A sleek portfolio template built with Nextjs, Tailwind and powered by MDX. Show off your work, write blogs, and sell products effortlessly.

AstroWind screenshot

AstroWind: A free template using Astro 2.0 and Tailwind CSS.

Kometa UI Kit screenshot
💎 Hidden Gem

A beautiful Tailwind UI kit wit over 130 sections. All the sections are fully responsive and available in HTML, VueJS, and React. You can use them on unlimited personal and commercial projects.

ProFolioX screenshot

ProFolioX is a website template crafted for developers and designers who code. It's built with TailwindCSS and AstroJS. Beautifully designed in light and dark mode so you look good on every screen, because you never know who's watching you.

Phanatik screenshot

Phanatik is a simple and clean template for your blog or personal website

Hemingway screenshot

Hemingway is a fully blown blog template made with Astro and Tailwind CSS.

Prima Persona screenshot

A stunning template for your blog, personal website or store in ligth and dark mode.

Streamer screenshot

This is an excellent way to begin your podcasting journey - a visually impressive and engaging hub that serves as the foundation for your podcast. It is a powerful and compelling starting point that draws in your audience and provides them with a memorable and dynamic experience.

Author screenshot

The ultimate blog template for anyone looking to own a stunning and fully-functional blog website. Developed using super duper technologies like Astro, Tailwind CSS, and MDX, Author delivers an unparalleled level of customization and flexibility that allows you to bring your unique vision to life. With 20 demo pages as a starting point, you can hit the ground running and start writing your own captivating blog content right away. Whether you're a seasoned blogger or just starting out, Author provides all the tools you need to create a dynamic online presence and engage with your audience like never before. So why wait? Launch your blog website tomorrow with Author and take the first step towards establishing yourself as a leading voice in your niche!

Podcast screenshot

A fabulous podcast website template for hosting and sharing your shows.

Flaco screenshot

A dark and cool portfolio site. The template is versatile and can be applied to various types of portoflios.

DevSpace screenshot

A gorgeous personal blog template to share your thoughts and ideas.

Tailboard screenshot

A minimal and personal blog template for Gatsby and Tailwind

W3T Stablo Blog screenshot

Stablo is a minimal blog website template built with Next.js, TailwindCSS & Sanity CMS

Blist Hugo Theme screenshot

Blist is a clean and fast blog theme for your Hugo site.

Next.js screenshot

The React Framework

Gridea screenshot



️ A static blog writing client (一个静态博客写作客户端)

Nobelium screenshot

A static blog build on top of Notion and NextJS, deployed on Vercel.

Astro Paper screenshot

A minimal, accessible and SEO-friendly Astro blog theme

Morethan Log screenshot

A static blog using notion database

Hexo Theme Aurora screenshot

Futuristic auroral Hexo theme.

Hugo Eureka screenshot

Eureka is a feature-rich and highly customizable Hugo theme.

Leonids screenshot

A simple, fixed sidebar two columns Gatsby.js blog starter.

Blowfish screenshot

Personal Website & Blog Theme for Hugo

Mapache screenshot

You can use the theme Mapache for ghost in: Blog - Magazine - Landing page - Personal page - Photographers. and in many other things

Shadcn Nextjs Contentlayer screenshot

A template with Next.js 13 app dir, Contentlayer, Tailwind CSS and dark mode.

Astro Boilerplate screenshot

Astro boilerplate with responsive blog and portfolio template using TypeScript and React styled with Tailwind CSS ️ Made with developer experience first: TypeScript + ESLint + Prettier + Husky + Lint-Staged + Commitlint + VSCode

Urara screenshot



Sweet, Powerful, IndieWeb-Compatible SvelteKit Blog Starter. [δ](Delta)

Accessible Astro Starter screenshot

An Accessible Starter Theme for Astro including accessibility features such as landmarks, better focus-outline and skip-links navigation. Ships with Tailwind, Prettier and ESLint support.

Astrofy screenshot

Astrofy is a free and open-source template for your Personal Portfolio Website built with Astro and TailwindCSS. Create in minutes a website with Blog, CV, Project Section, Store and RSS Feed.

Astrofy screenshot

Astrofy is a free and open-source template for your Personal Portfolio Website built with Astro and TailwindCSS. Create in minutes a website with Blog, CV, Project Section, Store and RSS Feed.

Astro Theme Cactus screenshot

A simple Astro theme. Use it to create your blog or website.

Nextjs Blog Theme screenshot

A customizable Next.js and Tailwind blog starter. Designed by the Bejamas agency.

Astro Ink screenshot

Crisp, minimal, personal blog theme for Astro

Hugo Theme Luna screenshot

A simple, performance-first, SEO-friendly Hugo theme / 一个轻量,快速,SEO 友好的 Hugo 主题

Eleventy Starter Boilerplate screenshot

Eleventy Starter is production-ready with SEO-friendly for quickly starting a blog. Built with Eleventy, ESLint, Prettier, Webpack 5, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS 2 and Netlify CMS (optional).

Ghostwind screenshot

Tailwind CSS Starter Template - Ghostwind (Ghost Casper theme in Tailwind CSS)

Sveltekit Blog Template screenshot

A SvelteKit blog template

Sveltekit Blog screenshot

Sveltekit blog starter project created with sveltekit, typescript, tailwindcss, postcss, husky, and storybook. The project has the structure set up for the scaleable web application.

Notion Portfolio Blog screenshot

Make your own personal website powered by Notion with Next.js and Vercel in minutes. Portfolio, Blog, Courses and more.

Tailnext screenshot

️ TailNext: Free template using Next.js 13 new app dir and Tailwind CSS.

Astro Theme Creek screenshot

A theme for Astro

Blog Template screenshot

Openblog is an elegant, simple, and user-friendly blog. Focused on accessibility, SEO and performance.

Vuepress Theme Yur screenshot

Next: base on VuePress2.x

Nextjs Tailwindcss Blog Template screenshot

Build SEO optimized personal blog website with Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Contentlayer. If you want to learn to create this you can follow the tutorial link given in the Read me file.

Hugo Theme Pico screenshot

:black_circle: Pico is a minimalist, readable, responsive, light and beautiful Hugo theme.

Digital Garden screenshot

An open source blog (digital garden) template for developers

Hello Astro screenshot

Hello Astro is a multi purpose Astro starter theme written in Typescript, TailwindCSS and AlpineJS. It supports Markdown and MDX based pages and blog posts.

Blog screenshot



Dev blog built with Next.js 13, TypeScript, and Contentlayer, using latest Next.js features

Gading.dev screenshot

️ My Personal Homepage & Blog site with NextJS.

Notion Blog screenshot

Next.js blog template that uses Notion as CMS

Blog Template Using Nextjs Typescript Tailwindcss screenshot

This project is a simple blog template using next js, typescript and tailwind css. blog+nextjs+tailwind+typescript.

Cookie screenshot



Landing website + Blog using Jekyll & Tailwind CSS

Starter Kit Starters Creek screenshot

Statamic Starter Kit: Starter's Creek

Bits 0f C0de screenshot

Personal Blog site build with Next.js and Tailwind CSS.

Nuxtjs Tailwind Blog screenshot

This is a nuxtjs, Tailwind CSS blogging template. Its supported Markdown for blog.

Stablo Astro screenshot

Astro version of the Popular Stablo Blog Template

Burogu screenshot



A minimal blog template based on Next.js 13

Template Blog Webapp Nextjs screenshot

Next.js blog starter template

Nextjs Contentlayer Blog screenshot

Build SEO optimized personal blog website with Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Contentlayer. If you want to learn to create this you can follow the tutorial link given in the Read me file.

Fiqry.dev screenshot

my on the internet built using next and tailwindcss.

Simple Journal screenshot

A simple journal/photo log website built on top of Eleventy (11ty).

Victoreke.com screenshot

My personal portfolio website built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Sanity.

Hugo Toigian screenshot

A minimal Hugo theme with Tailwind CSS that covers all of the essentials. All you have to do is start typing!

Chringel Hugo Theme screenshot

chringel - Privacy focused theme for Hugo

VisVrs screenshot



an Astro theme tailored for impactful image-text blogging, ideal for content creators.

Next Blog Kit screenshot

A Blog template starter with Next.js, MDX and Tailwind CSS

Next Notion Portfolio screenshot

NEXT.js + Notion driven portfolio template. Seamlessly add content with the awesome UX of Notion. Showcase your work through blog format.

Astro Lane screenshot

Astro Lane is a customizable blog theme for Astro, designed to provide a personalized touch to your site with ease.

Nextra Blog screenshot

personal Portfolio blog with nextra, nextjs and tailwindcss

Minimalism screenshot

A 11ty starter, PWA, Tailwind Css, SEO...

Minimalist Blog screenshot

Tailwind CSS Starter Template - Minimalist Blog

Nextjs Blog Starter screenshot

Next.js blog starter with sitemap and RSS feed, Markdown, Prism syntax highlighting, Tailwind CSS v3.0, Google Analytics, SendGrid

Portfolio Website screenshot

Portfolio website made using Astro, Reactjs and Tailwind CSS

Blog screenshot



A Next.js, Tailwind CSS blogging Template. Used to Create my Blog :rocket:

Fuwari screenshot



A static blog template built with Astro.

Jefftriplett.github.io screenshot

:pencil: My blog which is held together by duct tape and bailer twine

Blog screenshot



:rocket: An awesome blog system based on Next.js

Flotiq Gatsby Blog 1 screenshot

Gatsby starter for creating a blog with Flotiq

StarFunnel screenshot

the Astro powered landing page builder

SarissaPersonalBlog screenshot

Personal Blog Template

Cezaraugusto.com screenshot

Interwebs presence of yours truly.

Graphcms Sveltekit Portfolio And Blog Starter screenshot

A SvelteKit portfolio and blog starter with GraphCMS

BlogKit screenshot


Gitwind Portfolio screenshot

A Github themed portfolio template using NextJS &TailwindCSS

Muryp New screenshot

new repo for blog muryp

Open Neuromorphic.github.io screenshot

Public website, hosted through GitHub pages.

Astro Nutritrack screenshot

A customizable landing page template built with AstroJS and TailwindCSS, specifically designed for Notion creators.

Nextjs Tailwind Blog Template screenshot

A Simple and beautiful template for blog using Next js.

Astro Mecure screenshot

My personal blog built with Astro, React and Tailwind.

Nextjs Hashnode Blog screenshot

A Next.js blog template built on top of Hashnode API

Vitepress Theme Trigger screenshot

Blog theme for VitePress with Tailwind CSS. 為建立部落格而生的 VitePress 主題

Cruip Bundle screenshot
🍱 Best Overall Bundle

16+ beautiful Tailwind CSS templates available for Nextjs, React, Vue & HTML. An amazing collection of work at an very competitve price.

Harmony Tailwind HTML Starter screenshot

Betamax is retro HTML Template built with Tailwind

Harmony Tailwind HTML Starter screenshot

Clarity is a Blog HTML template built using Tailwind CSS.

Harmony Tailwind HTML Starter screenshot

Harmony is a HTML template built using Tailwind CSS. It features a modern and elegant design

Nemo Tailwind HTML Starter screenshot

A minimal SAAS theme built with Tailwind and HTML

Podcaster Tailwind HTML Starter screenshot

A HTML Tailwind theme to host all your podcast episodes, blog and more.

Shadow Tailwind HTML Starter screenshot

Shadow is a HTML template built using Tailwind CSS. It features a modern and elegant design by Wicked Templates

Simplexity screenshot

The ultimate blog template for anyone looking to own a clean, elegant and fully-functional blog website that supports dark mode.