Tailwind daisyui

Remix Page Blocks screenshot

Simple page block editor with Remix and Tailwind CSS.

Larafast - Laravel SaaS Boilerplate screenshot

The Laravel SaaS Boilerplate powered with Jetstream, Tailwind, Inertia.js and Vue with ready-to-go components for Payments, Admin, Blog, SEO and more...

Shipfa.st screenshot

All-in-One Supabase, NextJS & Typescript SaaS starter template. Auth & Authorization from Supabase with custom Roles. Secure PostgreSQL database schema. SQL script to create Triggers, Functions, RLS & Tables.Company/team based application (made for B2B SaaS). Automatic Type updates based on Datab...

Critical Moments SvelteKit SaasStarter screenshot

A modern SaaS template built in SvelteKit. Includes marketing page, blog, subscriptions, auth, user settings, pricing page, and more.

Daisyui screenshot

Open-source Tailwind CSS component library. Use Tailwind CSS but write fewer class names.

Docuseal screenshot

Open source DocuSign alternative. Create, fill, and sign digital documents ✍️

Saas Starter Kit screenshot

🔥 Enterprise SaaS Starter Kit - Kickstart your enterprise app development with the Next.js SaaS boilerplate 🚀

Grimoire screenshot

Bookmark manager for the wizards 🧙

default image

A web frontend for the headscale Tailscale-compatible coordination server

Gitprofile screenshot

🚀 Create and deploy a dynamic portfolio by just providing your GitHub username.

default image

Mihomo Dashboard, The Official One, XD

Scaffold Eth 2 screenshot

Open source forkable Ethereum dev stack

Svelte Toast screenshot

Simple elegant toast notifications

Astrofy screenshot

Astrofy is a free and open-source template for your Personal Portfolio Website built with Astro and TailwindCSS. Create in minutes a website with Blog, CV, Project Section, Store and RSS Feed.

Astrofy screenshot

Astrofy is a free and open-source template for your Personal Portfolio Website built with Astro and TailwindCSS. Create in minutes a website with Blog, CV, Project Section, Store and RSS Feed.

Mary screenshot



Laravel Blade UI Components for Livewire 3

Daisyui Admin Dashboard Template screenshot

Free admin dashboard template using Daisy UI, React js and Tailwind CSS

Urara screenshot



🌸 Sweet, Powerful, IndieWeb-Compatible SvelteKit Blog Starter. [δ](Delta)

Daisyui Admin Dashboard Template screenshot

Free admin dashboard template using Daisy UI, React js and Tailwind CSS

Chatgpt Pro screenshot

ChatGPT-Pro is an advanced application that combines the power of ChatGPT and DALL.E.

Basejump screenshot

Easily add auth, teams and billing to your Supabase app

Openai Translator screenshot

A translator that uses OpanAI.

Create Dapp Solana Nextjs screenshot

Scaffolding for a Solana dapp using TS, Next.JS, Tailwinds CSS, and Daisy UI

Dapp Starter screenshot

Opinionated Dapp Starter Template provides a solid foundation for building Ethereum-based applications. It incorporates various tools and frameworks such as React, Next.js, Hardhat, TypeChain, web3-react, daisyUI Tailwind CSS Components, and OpenZeppelin.

Svelte Img screenshot

High-performance responsive/progressive images for SvelteKit

Vite React Ts Tailwind Firebase Starter screenshot

Starter using Vite + React + TypeScript + Tailwind CSS. And already set up Firebase(v9), Prettier and ESLint.

default image

Chatbot starter with GPT3, Twilio, and React

Daymd screenshot




default image

Remix with brilliant bells and useful whistles

default image

Another vite powered web extension (chrome, firefox, etc.) starter template.

Roadmap screenshot

Roadmap voting app for sharing product plan and get customer feedback.

Boot Vue screenshot

Boot Vue is a lightning fast Vue 3 boilerplate with strongly typed TypeScript, UnoCSS, DaisyUI, Vue Router, Pinia, and Netlify support.

Boot Vue screenshot

Boot Vue is a lightning fast Vue 3 boilerplate with strongly typed TypeScript, UnoCSS, DaisyUI, Vue Router, Pinia, and Netlify support.

Sveltekit Starter screenshot

Admin Dashboard for SvelteKit

Remix Cloudflare Demo screenshot

A demo of Remix running on Cloudflare workers.

default image

SvelteKit embed components

default image

The Full SvelteKit Course

default image

A basic and simple admin panel for Laravel projects.

Ubiquity screenshot

A cross-platform markdown editor.

Live_select screenshot

Dynamic (multi)selection field for LiveView

default image

Nuxt3 with brilliant bells and useful whistles

Typescript Eth Starter screenshot

🔌 Ethereum Dapp Basic Typescript Starter

Sveltekit Supabase Dashboard screenshot

Dashboard inspired by Supabase UI and made with SvelteKit as frontend and Supabase as backend.

Whatsapp Contact Sync screenshot

Easy way to sync between the contact photos on WhatsApp to Google Contacts

Pocketbase Sveltekit Auth screenshot

Sample SvelteKit app with PocketBase integration

Vue Cart screenshot

Shopping cart example using Vue 3 and Pinia

Iceburgcrm screenshot

Laravel CRM - PHP CRM - Metadata CRM. Iceburg CRM is Open Source, metadata driven, extendable, unlimited relationships, convertable modules, 29 default themes, light/dark themes

Top Nuxt3 screenshot

Full stack Nuxt 3 Template starter with Supabase and Tailwindcss

Xray screenshot



A human-readable Solana transaction explorer powered by Helius.

CoreProject Monorepo screenshot

Imagine a new platform

Rayriffy H screenshot

The missing piece of nhentai (Now powered by Bun)

CoreProject Monorepo screenshot

Imagine a new platform

Ai Fusion Kit screenshot

A feature-rich, highly customizable AI Web App Template, empowered by Next.js.

Sveltekit Demo screenshot

Experiments with Svelte Kit

GeoBingo.io screenshot

a multiplayer street view bingo game

Nextjs Typescript And Mongodb screenshot

A Next.js template with Prisma, MongoDB, TailwindCSS, Shadcn, Zod and Next auth

Hacktoberfest Projects screenshot

A website which lets you find eligible repositories for Hacktoberfest 2023!

Readme Generator screenshot

A fully featured editor with drag and drop interface to easily build READMEs

Sveltekit Auth Example screenshot

An example SvelteKit app implementing a simple authentication system.

Nuxtwind Daisy screenshot

Nuxtwind Daisy is a starter template project for Nuxt.js 3 + Tailwind CSS + Daisy UI with additional installed setup for custom font, icons, animation, and more.

Daisy Components screenshot

Amazing DaisyUI components you can copy and paste

Nextjs Ecommerce screenshot

E-commerce App using NEXTJS 13 , TypeScript , SWR , Redux toolkit , Mongoose , react hook forms

Nextjs Solana Starter Kit screenshot

Build your own Solana dApp with NextJS and TypeScript

Chessguessr screenshot

Guess the continuation of a chess game

ESP32 Sveltekit screenshot

A simple and extensible framework for ESP32 based IoT projects with a feature-rich, beautiful, and responsive front-end build with Sveltekit, Tailwind CSS and DaisyUI. This is a project template to get you started in no time with a fully integrated build chain.

Sveltekit Mdsvex Starter Blog screenshot

A Markdown blog built with SvelteKit, MDSveX, Tailwind CSS and DaisyUI

Sveltekit Theme Switch Example screenshot

Demo app using theme-change in SvelteKit with Tailwind and DaisyUI

Frontend Starter screenshot

Frontend starter template with React

Portfolio screenshot

open source portfolio, made with Nextjs and tailwindcss

Svead screenshot



Svead, a component that allows you to set head meta information, canonical, title, Twitter and Facebook Open Graph tags.

Svelte Grid Extended screenshot

A draggable and resizable grid layout, for Svelte

Hurlurl screenshot

A load balancing link shortener

Qwik City Movies screenshot

Qwik City Movies - Learning Qwik City Framework

Nextus screenshot



Nextus is a comprehensive, versatile and modern website template based on Nextjs and Directus technologies. It helps you build various types of websites more quickly. 一个完整全面、且多功能的现代化网站模板,基于Nextjs和Directus技术。帮助你更快速地构建各种类型的网站。

Scottspence.com screenshot

My blog made with SvelteKit and MDSveX

Metablog Free screenshot

Next.js Blog Template with Typescript, Tailwind CSS, DaisyUI

Daisy Collection screenshot

A collection of UI examples for DaisyUI

Feliz.DaisyUI screenshot

Feliz wrapper for DaisyUI TailwindCSS component library

Wasedatime Web screenshot

An unofficial web app for syllabus searching, classroom finding, and bus schedule checking at Waseda University.

Novel Remix screenshot

Remix Edition - Notion-style WYSIWYG editor with AI-powered autocompletion.

NEXTjs Boilerplate screenshot

This is a boilerplate for a Next.js 14 app with user management, login, permissions, and more. It uses TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Shadcn UI, Prisma, Postgres, React Table and React Query. Contributions welcome under the MIT License.

Berthutapea Portfolio screenshot

Gilbert Hutapea | Portfolio ( MERN Stack Developer | Fullstack Developer | Frontend Developer | Web Developer )

Msnproduction.com screenshot

MSN PRODUCTION is a company that provides services for creating websites, mobile applications, branding & creative content, as well as internet marketing & advertising according to your business needs at low prices with luxurious quality.

Sveltekit Vendure Commerce screenshot

SvelteKit and Vendure Commerce example 🤝

Slack Vuesualizer screenshot

Display your Slack export and search through messages!

Cv screenshot



My online CV using Svelte

RayVox screenshot



Audio and Video transcription with whisper API and Next.js

Directed Stack screenshot

Directus + Remix full-stack starter

Elm_vite_tailwind_template screenshot

Opinionated template for building Elm web apps using Vite, TailwindCSS and daisyUI.

Lecoindujazz screenshot

Le Coin Du Jazz online ticket sales

default image

Rails tailwindcss 3 + daisyUI starter template

Wubbl0rz Archiv screenshot

Twitch archive using Go/PocketBase, SvelteKit/Tailwind/Vidstack and FFmpeg

Mern Ticket screenshot

Tikons "MERN TICKET" (MongoDB, Express, React & Nodejs)

Log Lottery screenshot

🎈🎈🎈🎈年会抽奖程序,threejs+vue3 3D球体动态抽奖应用。

Lostarktimer.app Web screenshot

Timers for Lost Ark bosses, islands, events, wandering merchants and more! Never miss an event again.

Odd App Template screenshot

A sveltekit web app template for the ODD SDK.

default image

Simple tool for making short links and QR-code for your long links.

Beenote screenshot

Full stack AI web application for languge learning built with Next.js and ChatGPT

SvelteKit Drizzle screenshot

Contains : SvelteKit + Drizzle ORM - Supabase

Vue3 Tailwind3 Website Starter screenshot

a nice website start template use awesome things related to vue3 and tailwind3

Atash screenshot



A template to build full-stack Remix applications!

Builderz Solana Dapp Scaffold screenshot

Builderz Solana dApp Scaffold (Nextjs14, App Dir, Typescript, TailwindCSS, MaterialUI, web3.js, ThemeSwitch (Dark/Light), Sonner Toast Notifications, Modal & Drawer)

Railgun screenshot

Opinionated Vite + React starter template.

Mary Ui.com screenshot

Laravel blade components for Livewire 3

Gate screenshot



Astro OpenAPI Documentation

default image

Blog Home Nuxt 是一个基于 Vue3、Vite4、TypeScript、Nuxt3、Tailwindcss、DaisyUI的个人博客前台,它使用了最新的前端技术栈,用于个人博客创建和浏览自身文章。欢迎star!

Bun Htmx screenshot

An example app using Bun's built-in HTTP server + HTMX + TailwindCSS + DaisyUI

Astraea screenshot

a nostr client

Blog Nuxt screenshot

Nuxt 3 Personal Blog

Tomato screenshot



Dead simple radio ads

Rainbow Riot screenshot

🌈 Easily transform your images into stunning color palettes with a click. Perfect for designers and developers.

Bob Blog screenshot

A simple blog using Astro & Tailwindcss

Daisyui Nextjs Landing Page screenshot

A free landing page template using Daisy UI and Next JS

Daisyui Nextjs Landing Page screenshot

A free landing page template using Daisy UI and Next JS

default image

An interactive website where you can discover everything you need to know about f1 driver/team comparisons and more!

Nyatet App screenshot

Todo List & Note Application

Daisyui Starterkit screenshot

DaisyUI boilerplate to start your React project in seconds.

Jokopi React screenshot

An open source coffee shop order website app using create react app.

Kit Stack screenshot

A svelte fullstack starter kit inspired by create-t3-app with variuos added bonuses

Mpcb screenshot




Notion Blog Kit screenshot

A statically generated blog using Next.js, Notion Api.

default image

A tool that helps you use Notion like a CMS by generating static site for you.

SithasoDaisyUI screenshot

TailwindCss WebApps using b4x

Cezaraugusto.com screenshot

Interwebs presence of yours truly.

Graphcms Sveltekit Portfolio And Blog Starter screenshot

A SvelteKit portfolio and blog starter with GraphCMS

BetterLectio screenshot

BetterLectio er en forbredelse af Lectio. Lectio er et dansk webbaseret lektionssystem udviklet af det danske softwarefirma MaCom A/S.

Blog screenshot




Lwjerri.dev screenshot

Source code of my personal website made based on Vite + SvelteKit using TailwindCSS + daisyUI.

Telegram Scheduler screenshot

A simple web app to batch send/schedule messages from text file to Telegram chat.

default image

Genshin Impact guides, database and other tools in a form of a web application written in React

Htmx Chat screenshot

A simple chat application built with HTMx, JavaScript, and the PocketBase API, styled using Tailwind CSS. I was initially just testing to see if i could make a simple chat app using only htmx to sned requests directly to and from pocketbase. this would mean my whole project would be one html file...

Sample Todo Sveltekit screenshot

A comprehensive TODO sample using SvelteKit + ZenStack + TanStack Query

Solid App screenshot

Bulletproof SolidJS SPA template

Vagometro screenshot

Website that gathers and analyse data about dev jobs in Brazil