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Popular component library built with Radix UI and Tailwind CSS. Shadcn UI is a collection of components that you can copy and paste. It is written in Typescript and works with React, Next.js, Vite, Remix, Gatsby, Astro and Laravel.

Shadcn Blocks screenshot

Official collection of blocks built on shadcn-ui. Blocks are larger ready-made components like dashboards, signup pages, and landing page sections.

Larafast - Laravel SaaS Boilerplate screenshot

The Laravel SaaS Boilerplate powered with Jetstream, Tailwind, Inertia.js and Vue with ready-to-go components for Payments, Admin, Blog, SEO and more...

Launchstack screenshot

A fullstack SaaS application boilerplate built with Laravel, Vue and Tailwind CSS. This SaaS app provides a complete website and blog with multi-language support, dark mode, an admin area for managing users and teams, subscription payments, pre-built styled components, user authentication and man...

Filament screenshot

A collection of beautiful full-stack components for Laravel. The perfect starting point for your next app. Using Livewire, Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS.

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WordPress starter theme with Laravel Blade components and templates, Tailwind CSS, and a modern development workflow

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Wave - The Software as a Service Starter Kit, designed to help you build the SAAS of your dreams 🚀 💰

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The core Laravel CMS Composer package

Laravel Auth screenshot

Laravel 10 with user authentication, registration with email confirmation, social media authentication, password recovery, and captcha protection. Uses offical [Bootstrap 4](http://getbootstrap.com). This also makes full use of Controllers for the routes, templates for the views, and makes use of...

Speedtest Tracker screenshot

Speedtest Tracker is a self-hosted internet performance tracking application that runs speedtest checks against Ookla's Speedtest service.

Dashboard.spatie.be screenshot

The source code of dashboard.spatie.be

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An application / authentication starter kit frontend in Next.js for Laravel Breeze.

Laravel Starter screenshot

A CMS like modular starter application project built with Laravel 10.x.

Blender screenshot

The Laravel template used for our CMS like projects

Awes Io screenshot

Awes.io // boilerplate based on Vue, Nuxt, TailwindCSS plus Laravel as a backend. 🤟

Shopper screenshot

Headless e-commerce administration built with Laravel to create and manage online store.

Shopper screenshot

Headless e-commerce administration built with Laravel to create and manage online store.

Mary screenshot



Laravel Blade UI Components for Livewire 3

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Laravel and Nuxt.js boilerplate

Blade Formatter screenshot

An opinionated blade template formatter for Laravel that respects readability

Moonshine screenshot

Laravel Admin panel and more. Simple for beginners and powerful for experts. Using Blade, Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS.

Tallstackui screenshot

TallStackUI is a powerful suite of Blade components that elevate your workflow of Livewire applications.

Bladewind screenshot

Super simple but elegant Laravel blade-based UI component library using TailwindCSS and vanilla Javascript

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Filament Starter screenshot

A beautiful starting point for your next TALL stack project using Filament. ⚡

Prettier Plugin Blade screenshot

Format your blade template using Prettier

Blast screenshot



Storybook for Laravel Blade 🚀

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A laravel gym management system

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Laravel Vue Admin panel

Laravel Admintw screenshot

Laravel TALL admin theme

Electrik screenshot

Electrik is a full-featured, open-source, starter-kit to help you build you your SaaS application.

Demo screenshot



A demo Laravel project for Blade UI Kit.

TALL Dashboard screenshot

Tailwind CSS + AlpineJS + Laravel + Livewire dashboard (WIP)

Laravel Tailwindcss Admin Dashboard Template screenshot

Mosaic Lite is a free admin dashboard template built on top of Tailwind CSS and fully coded in Laravel. Made by

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Laravel Boilerplate with Mazer Dashboard Template - Bootstrap 5

Laravel Spa screenshot

A Laravel + Socialite + Vite + Vue 3 + TailwindCSS SPA Boilerplate with user authentication, registration, email verification, social media authentication, password recovery, user management, and roles/permissions management. Uses TailwindCSS. While the front end is part of this repository it is ...

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Larawind - Laravel 9.0+ Jetstream and Tailwind CSS Admin Theme

Tailadmin Laravel screenshot

TailAdmin is a dashboard theme / UI starter kit with Laravel 9, TailwindCSS 3, Inertia and Vue3

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A Laravel REST API backend with React/Redux, hot module reloading in development and route-level code splitting

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A basic and simple admin panel for Laravel projects.

Hyde screenshot



HydePHP - Static Site Generator with the power of Laravel and the simplicity of Markdown.

Docking screenshot

DocKing: Your shared-microservice that takes over the document templates management & render/export PDF

Iceburgcrm screenshot

Laravel CRM - PHP CRM - AI CRM - Metadata CRM. Iceburg CRM is Open Source, metadata driven, extendable, unlimited relationships, convertable modules, 29 default themes, light/dark themes. It also have optional AI Abilities Using AI describe your CRM and use AI to Create it.

Spoon screenshot



Our simple Laravel boilerplate

Laravel Brive screenshot

Boilerplate Laravel Breeze Inertia Vue with Role Base Access Control

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Nuxt 3 + laravel sanctum authentication

Pingcrm Svelte screenshot

🦊 Ping CRM Svelte - A demo app to illustrate how Inertia.js works with Laravel and Svelte (hosted on a heroku free dyno).

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Lali (Laravel Livewire) Starter Project is The skeleton application for the Laravel starter project with TALL Stack.

Jigsaw Blog Template screenshot

Starter template for a blog, using Jigsaw by Tighten

Amis Admin screenshot

laravel + amis 后台管理系统,完整支持amis全部功能

Laravel Startkit screenshot

Laravel Admin Dashboard, Admin Template with Frontend Template, for scalable Laravel projects. It is to save your time when You start with new scalable Laravel projects with many features Bootstrap, cooreui, infyom admin Generator, roles and permissions, translatable models, spatie media and muc...

Superduper Filament Starter Kit screenshot

A Filament💡 starter point to kickstart your app. With Custom Theme, Mail Configuration, Filament Shield, Filament Exception, etc..

Lyra screenshot



Lyra is an administration panel for Laravel for bootstrap your app and turn ideas into reality.

Laravel Preset screenshot

🛹 🍃 Laravel preset starter UI for laravel with Tailwind CSS.

Website screenshot

Source code of the Laravel Cameroon meetup website.

Laravel Quickstart screenshot

Laravel Quick-Start is a boilerplate for Laravel Application with typical packages preinstalled and configured.

Larajournal screenshot

Simple blog based on Laravel 10 with Filament PHP admin panel

Mary Ui.com screenshot

Laravel blade components for Livewire 3

Zeus screenshot



a standalone app., a Starter Kit; it's pre-configured to run all Zeus packages and some extra perks.

Cms screenshot



Modern and secure CMS for Arcturus Emulator made in Laravel 10+ and AlpineJS.

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Open source repository for Laravel admin panel startup

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Open source repository for Laravel admin panel startup

Moox screenshot



The Moox Monorepo

Nyatet App screenshot

Todo List & Note Application

Laravel Blogkit screenshot

Kickstart the development of your Laravel Blog with this Starter Kit built Laravel 10, TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, and Livewire!