Tailwind nuxt

Astrolus Pro screenshot

Modern single page template built with Tailwind CSS. Available in HTML, Astro, Nuxt and Nextjs versions.

Nuxtlabs UI screenshot

Fully styled and customizable components for Nuxt.

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Fully styled and customizable components for Nuxt.

Oruga screenshot



Oruga is a lightweight library of UI components without CSS framework dependency

Primitives screenshot

Vue Radix UI Primitives 1:1 . Components, icons, colors, and templates for building high-quality, accessible UI. Free and open-source. A project developed by @productdevbookcom

Salvia Kit screenshot

Provides 10 Free Beautiful dashboard templates built with Tailwind CSS for React, Next.js, Svelte, Solid, Angular, Vue and Nuxt.js

Vuemmerce screenshot

Responsive ecommerce template built with Vue.js and Nuxt.js

Nefa screenshot



Free landing page template built using nuxt and tailwindcss

Nuxt3 Tailwind Kit screenshot

Nuxt Tailwind Starter Kit

Mijin screenshot



Tailwind CSS UI components build for Vue.js / Nuxt.js

Bluise screenshot



Bluise - A Nuxt.js & Netlify CMS boilerplate.

Nuxt3 Tailwindcss3 Starter Kit screenshot

The template that starts tailwindcss fastest on nuxt3 without annoying settings

Ui screenshot



Vue 3 & Nuxt 3 UI Library with Tailwind CSS 3. Build and prototype fast web applications.

Frontends screenshot

Shopware Frontends is a framework for building custom, headless storefronts with Shopware 6.

Starter.dev screenshot

A collection of kits to help bootstrap your next project.

Nuxt3 Admin Template screenshot

Nuxt 3 admin template with tailwind css

Ntn Boilerplate screenshot

An opinionated base template for a quick start with Nuxt, Tailwind & Netlify CMS. Up on a site after only 5 minutes!

Nuxtjs Tailwind Blog screenshot

This is a nuxtjs, Tailwind CSS blogging template. Its supported Markdown for blog.

Nuxtjs Tailwindcss Portfolio screenshot

Nuxt.js & Tailwind CSS version of the portfolio project.

Nuxt Storefront screenshot

🛍 Nuxt Storefront is a batteries-included, production-ready, headless and open-source e-commerce template for Nuxt 3-powered storefronts.

Nuxt Locomotive screenshot

Starter template for parallax effects & smooth scrolling experience.

Ui Component screenshot

Morpheme UI - Free and Open-source Vue 3 Component Library based on Morpheme Design System

Css.ist screenshot

分享响应式、多主题模板/组件,基于 tailwindcss、daisyui。

Admin Dashboard screenshot

The internal admin dashboard of Bootstrap Academy - Learn Computer Science Online

Nuxtwind Daisy screenshot

Nuxtwind Daisy is a starter template project for Nuxt.js 3 + Tailwind CSS + Daisy UI with additional installed setup for custom font, icons, animation, and more.

SupaAuth screenshot

A Nuxt3 + Supabase starter template. Add Login and Register page into your Nuxt 3 project using Supabase authentication.

Nuxt Dashboards screenshot

Salvia-kit nuxt-dashboard templates

Podcas Landing Page screenshot

Podcast Landing Page made with Nuxt3 and TailwindCss

Nuxt Typescript Pwa Tailwindcss Composition Api screenshot

Nuxt Typescript PWA Tailwind CSS Composition API Starter

Starter Nuxt Ionic Tailwind Supabase screenshot

Nuxt 3 Ionic Tailwind Supabase Minimal Starter

Nuxt Storyblok Starter screenshot

Nuxt.js Website Starter template - Nujek, Storyblok, TailwindCSS 2.0

Vue Tailwindcss Components screenshot

Lista de componentes Tailwind para VueJS / NuxtJs / ...

Nuxt Pwa Template screenshot

Modern PWA template build with Nuxt 3.0 and Tailwind. It comes with some official modules installed and configurated for easy usage.

Nuxi screenshot



Netflix inspired webapp using Nuxt 3

Nuxt3 Custom screenshot

️ Minimal Nuxt3 template with Tailwindcss, HeroIcons, Vite & Vitest and some custom ESLint rules