Tailwind nuxt

Nuxt UI Pro screenshot

Nuxt UI Pro is a collection of Vue components, composables and utils built on top of Nuxt UI, oriented on structure and layout and designed to be used as building blocks for your app.

Supastarter - Nuxt + Prisma SaaS boilerplate screenshot

A premium SaaS fullstack starter for Nuxt, lucia-auth, Prisma, trpc, nuxt/i18n, multiple payment integrations (lemonsqueezy or stripe), a blog, a landing page and more!

Astrolus Pro screenshot

Modern single page template built with Tailwind CSS. Available in HTML, Astro, Nuxt and Nextjs versions.

Nuxtlabs UI screenshot

A UI Library for Modern Web Apps, powered by Vue & Tailwind CSS.

Primevue screenshot

Next Generation Vue UI Component Library

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A curated list of resources for devs and designers. Join me on devcord.com if you are up for a chit chat :)

I Hate Regex screenshot

The code for iHateregex.io 😈 - The Regex Cheat Sheet

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A UI Library for Modern Web Apps, powered by Vue & Tailwind CSS.

Tailwindcss screenshot

Tailwind CSS module for Nuxt

Nuxt3 Awesome Starter screenshot

a Nuxt 3 template and boilerplate with a lot of useful features. Nuxt 3 + Tailwindcss + Nuxt Layer

Oruga screenshot



🐛 Oruga is a lightweight library of UI components without any CSS framework dependency

Awes Io screenshot

Awes.io // boilerplate based on Vue, Nuxt, TailwindCSS plus Laravel as a backend. 🤟

Primitives screenshot

Vue Radix UI Primitives 1:1 . Components, icons, colors, and templates for building high-quality, accessible UI. Free and open-source.

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Laravel and Nuxt.js boilerplate

Oku Nuxt3 Template screenshot

Nuxt 3 best starter repo, Tailwindcss, Sass, Headless UI, Vue, Pinia, Vite, Eslint, i18n, Naive UI

Salvia Kit screenshot

Provides 10 Free Beautiful dashboard templates built with Tailwind CSS for React, Next.js, Svelte, Solid, Angular, Vue and Nuxt.js

Woonuxt screenshot

Static e-commerce powered by WooCommerce & Nuxt

Agency Os screenshot

The open source operating system for digital agencies. Built with Directus and Nuxt.

Vuemmerce screenshot

Responsive ecommerce template built with Vue.js and Nuxt.js

Agency Os screenshot

The open source operating system for digital agencies. Built with Directus and Nuxt.

Maz Ui screenshot

Vue & Nuxt library of standalone components & tools to build interfaces

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An SRD and open-source material reference site for 5th edition D&D

Vue Telescope Analyzer screenshot

Detect Vue technologies running on a website ✨

Primevue Tailwind screenshot

PrimeVue Components Styled with Tailwind CSS

Nefa screenshot



Free landing page template built using nuxt and tailwindcss

Nuxt3 Fullstack Tutorial screenshot

Full Stack Nuxt App Tutorial

Una Ui screenshot

🚧 The Atomic UI framework for Nuxt, powered by Unocss engine 💛

Pruvious screenshot

A reliable CMS for your Nuxt app.

Cvfy screenshot



CV generator built with Nuxt.js, TailwindCSS, deployed on Netlify.

ChatGPT Nuxt screenshot

ChatGPT Web Nuxt 3 Vue 3 Version

Nuxt3 Tailwind Kit screenshot

Nuxt Tailwind Starter Kit

Starters screenshot

👩‍💻 Build beautiful, accessible, high-performance websites with BCMS

Mijin screenshot

Tailwind CSS UI components build for Vue.js / Nuxt.js

Vue Tailwind Picker screenshot

:tada: Datepicker component for vue.js build with Tailwind CSS & dayjs date library

Chatgpt Nuxt screenshot

基于 Nuxt.js 框架的 ChatGPT 类项目,支持 OpenAI 和 Azure 两种 API 切换,支持黑暗模式、中英日多语言切换。

Nuxtjs Woocommerce screenshot

⚡️ Nuxt 3 and Vue 3 headless eCommerce site with WooCommerce backend and Algolia search

Ui screenshot



Vue 3 & Nuxt 3 UI Library with Tailwind CSS 3. 🚀 Build and prototype fast web applications.

Nuxt3 Tailwindcss3 Starter Kit screenshot

The template that starts tailwindcss fastest on nuxt3 without annoying settings

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⚡ A portfolio for developers with a blog powered by Notion

Vue Telescope Extensions screenshot

Browser extensions for Vue Telescope

Frontends screenshot

Shopware Frontends is a framework for building custom, headless storefronts with Shopware 6.

Logspot screenshot

Logspot is a lightweight, free and open source template for your changelog made with Vue, Nuxt and Tailwindcss.

Nuxt Blog screenshot

🔥 Nuxt Blog is a personal blog site built with Nuxt3, Nuxt-Content V2 & Tailwind. Deployed in vercel

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Nuxt3 with brilliant bells and useful whistles

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Nuxt 3 + laravel sanctum authentication

Nuxt3 Directus Starter screenshot

Nuxt 3 starter for Directus with Tailwind CSS and lots of other goodies

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Display your Tailwind CSS Breakpoints within Nuxtjs during Development

Tiktok Clone screenshot

This is a Tiktok Clone made with Nuxt 3, Vue JS, Laravel (API), Tailwind CSS, and Pinia

Nuxt Boilerplate screenshot

A ready to use Nuxt 3 boilerplate. (w/ HTTPS, Tailwind, i18n+RTL, Pinia, GDPR, Dark mode, TypeScript, Prettier, ESLint etc.)

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Programmatic toasts for Nuxt.js powered by Tailwind CSS

Finapp screenshot

Open source personal finance application

Starter.dev screenshot

A collection of kits to help bootstrap your next project.

Ui Thing screenshot

A set of components created with Radix-Vue. Inspired by shadcn/ui & shadcn-vue.

Nuxt3 Admin Template screenshot

Nuxt 3 admin template with tailwind css

Origin Theme screenshot

Headless NuxtJS 2 storefront starter powered by Swell

Developmint.de screenshot

Open source company page built with Nuxt.js and TailwindCSS

Popcorn Nantes screenshot

🐘Code source du site Popcorn Nantes 🍿: la plateforme pour trouver un·e développeur·e freelance à Nantes sans intermédiaire et sans frais

Nuxt Chat App screenshot

Frontend of real-time chat application built using nuxtjs, socket.io. Check the backend at https://github.com/binbytes/chat-app-server.

Batu Gunting Kertas Nuxt screenshot

Rock Paper Scissors Game with Artificial Intellegence

Nuxtjs Tailwind Blog screenshot

This is a nuxtjs, Tailwind CSS blogging template. Its supported Markdown for blog.

Nuxtwind Daisy screenshot

Nuxtwind Daisy is a starter template project for Nuxt.js 3 + Tailwind CSS + Daisy UI with additional installed setup for custom font, icons, animation, and more.

Misskey Hub Next screenshot

Website for Misskey since Dec 2023. Built on Nuxt. I18n is available on Crowdin.

Nuxtjs Tailwindcss Portfolio screenshot

Nuxt.js & Tailwind CSS version of the portfolio project.