Tailwind qwik

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Qwik's official Headless and styled components library

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⭕️ Qwind: A template to make your website using Qwik + Tailwind CSS.

Storefront Qwik Starter screenshot

An e-commerce storefront starter built with Qwik and Vendure

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A collection of kits to help bootstrap your next project.

Qwik City Movies screenshot

Qwik City Movies - Learning Qwik City Framework

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⚡️ The "qwikest" delightful, overpowered, beautifully handcrafted full-stack web framework template, built on top of Qwik, seasoned with modern tools. (⬇️ The server might be on sleep mode, give it a few seconds to load, ty ⬇️)

Storefront Qwik Boilerplate screenshot

Storefront UI Qwik With Boilerplate