Tailwind sanity

W3T Sandocs Nextjs Sanity screenshot

Sandocs is Documentation Website Template Built with Next.js & Sanity CMS. Included with an NPM Plugin Landing Page.

W3T Stablo Blog screenshot

Stablo is a minimal blog website template built with Next.js, TailwindCSS & Sanity CMS

HULL screenshot



Headless Shopify Starter – powered by Next.js + Sanity.io

Sanity Remix Template screenshot

Sanity Studio v3 embedded into a Remix application with live preview and code examples

Victoreke.com screenshot

My personal portfolio website built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Sanity.

Openai Nextjs Starter screenshot

OpenAI and Next.js starter kit, built to assist innovators in developing AI-based SaaS applications. This OpenAI starter kit and boilerplate includes pre-configurations, OpenAI examples, integrations, key components, business pages, and features to help you launch your AI startup quickly.

Jamstack Starter screenshot

JAMStack Starter is a simple starter template built with Next.js 13 and Sanity CMS v3. This starter is styled with Tailwind CSS.