Tailwind strapi

Shoes Ecommerce screenshot

Shop made in Next.JS and Strapi containing products from https://nike.com

Next Projects screenshot

6 projects to understand Next.js core concepts, using MongoDB, Firebase and NextAuth.js.

Next Bookstore screenshot

An online bookstore developed using NextJS 13 with appDir and StrapiCMS. (Still in Beta)

Door.link screenshot

Web app for curated music mixtapes.

Koktohay Next screenshot


Website screenshot

Website for HEKORS Community. A single platform for developers and hackers to participate in hackathons in groups with peers, getting up-to-date with potential/upcoming programmes.

Restcontent screenshot

RestContent is a Headless CMS written in Go+Alpine, supports multiple sites, media libraries, and multiple users, and provides content management services for iOS, Android, Nuxt, Next, etc.

Outfitly Frontend screenshot

An e-commerce web application designed for purchasing the latest and most trending outfits.