Tailwind vitepress

Flowbite Vue screenshot

Official Vue 3 components built for Flowbite and Tailwind CSS

Pages Cms screenshot

A user-friendly CMS for static site generators.

Stepin Template screenshot

an admin template built with antdv、tailwindcss、vue and vite

default image

A lightweight, flexible & customizable UI library for Vue 3, styled with Tailwind CSS.

Frontends screenshot

Shopware Frontends is a framework for building custom, headless storefronts with Shopware 6.

Tailv screenshot



A Vue.js and Tailwind CSS-based UI component library for quickly building modern web applications.

Self Hosted App Starter screenshot

🪄 A starter for the self-hosted app, help you to build your next full-stack project. https://sha-starter.onrender.com

Nest Vue screenshot

Nx monorepo starter: dockerized NestJS backend, Vue frontend, and NGINX; data via Prisma / TypeORM + GraphQL; Jest + Cypress testing; Jenkins CI/CD.

Ui Component screenshot

Morpheme UI - Free and Open-source Vue 3 Component Library based on Morpheme Design System

Design System screenshot

Persona Design System, built on top Nuxt3, Typescript and Tailwind

Windi Ui screenshot

Build Accessible Apps 10x faster with Windi UI ⚡ ( WIP :construction: )

Stellar Ui screenshot

Fully styled and customizable components for Vue 3