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Shadcn Charts screenshot

Shadcn UI official chart library built with Recharts. Copy / Paste component library.

Quartiere screenshot

A real estate website template designed for real estate agencies businesses, offering a modern, clean, elegant and intuitive interface. This theme includes key features like agents and details, properties for sale and rent, animated big navigation, credibility-enhancing client badges, perfect for...

Makerkit Boilerplate screenshot

A high quality fullstack boilerplate. Nextjs, Supabase, Tailwind+. Auth, Multi-Tenancy, Stripe, Blogging, Docs and Marketing pages.

Clerk Nextjs Demo App Router screenshot

Auth starts here with the official Next.js starter utilizing the app directory

Lux Ui screenshot

Create the best admin based on Vue3.x, Vite5.x, TypeScript, Vuetify3.x, Chat GPT

Next Power Starter screenshot

A powerful ⚡ starter template with simplicity and flexibility in mind

Nextjs 13 Socketio Template screenshot

This repo implements a simple but comprehensive chat app with Next.js 13 (app router),, Mantine, Zustand. (Note: backend server may enter sleep mode due to inactivity. Please wait 30 seconds for automatic restart before using this demo.)

Nextui Saas Template screenshot

This project is a starter template for SaaS applications landing page using Next.js 14, NextUI v2, and Tailwind CSS.

Paws Frontend screenshot

A fast responsive webapp that allows you to report injured stray animals to the nearest NGOs.

Pg Nuxt Vuetify Tailwindcss screenshot

VuCommerce Store - Fullstack app with beautiful, accessible components from Vuetify library, styled with Tailwind CSS screenshot

An opinionated cross-platform full-stack application template developed with Rust, Cargo Mobile 2, Dioxus, Warp, Diesel, PostgreSQL, Supabase Auth, Bun and TailwindCSS.

Bloom screenshot

The opinionated extension to Phoenix core_components

Expo Local First Template screenshot

📱 A template for your next Expo project: Bun, Expo 51, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, DrizzleORM, Sqlite, EAS, GitHub Actions, Env Vars, expo-router, react-query, react-hook-form.

Github Portfolio screenshot

Create a Portfolio Website using your GitHub username. This website template is constructed with next.js and tailwind CSS, allowing you to display your work and skills as a software developer.

Hydrogen Theme screenshot

A port of Hydrogen's default template to Shopify OS 2.0

Icestack screenshot

❤️ IceStack, Web UI for Mobile, PC, open-source Css component library generator

Next Sanity Theme screenshot

Open Source Next.js & Sanity Theme.

React Ts Tailwind Vitest Boilerplate screenshot

🔋 React.js + Tailwind CSS + TypeScript + React Query starter and boilerplate packed with useful development features

default image

A Maizzle starter based on Postmark's transactional email templates.

Super Admin screenshot

Admin Backend management solution under construction 🔨... 管理后台多tab缓存标签页解决方案,正在建设中 🔨...

Syntaxui screenshot

Get free access to pre-built, Tailwind CSS-powered components, animations and effects - brought to life using Framer Motion. Just copy, paste and you're ready to go!

Theme Wizard screenshot

Create a theme for your tailwind and shadcn-ui apps with real time examples

Ui Topia screenshot

A collection of UI elements

default image

🐬 Dolphin Admin Vue is an open source, lightweight, out-of-the-box, elegant and exquisite, internationalized backend management template based on Vue 3 + Vite + Naive UI + TypeScript + TailwindCSS.

Astro Aria screenshot

A personal blog, portfolio, or blog template

Astro Theme Mia screenshot

A minimalist, powerful astro theme with integrated rough-notation for engaging, informative content.

Atom Astro screenshot

Modern astro landing page built with astro and tailus themer

ECommerce_tailwind_template screenshot

ecommerce web page build with html css tailwind and etc. click link below for online demo

Elevate Free Tailwind Business Template screenshot

Elevate - free tailwind business template

Canvas screenshot

Portfolio template made with Nuxt 3, Nuxt Content and TailwindCSS

Coreproject V3 Ui screenshot

v3 CoreProject UI - a modern anime streaming platform frontend powered with svelte and sveltekit

Cult Ui screenshot

Components crafted for Design Engineers. Styled using Tailwind CSS, fully compatible with Shadcn, and easy to integrate—just copy and paste. Open source and TypeScript ready.

Digibee Marketplace screenshot

DigiBee is a Full-Stack built with Next.js for frontend and Payload as backend. It is a modern digital product marketplace where you can sell your digital products like e-books, courses, templates, etc. It is a fully functional marketplace with a lot of features.

KianKit screenshot

SvelteKit + Supabase starter kit

default image

A laravel gym management system

Lluminous screenshot

A fast, light, open chat UI with full tool use support across many models

Magicui screenshot

UI Library for Design Engineers. Animated components and effects you can copy and paste into your apps. Free. Open Source.

Micro Scale screenshot

Use this open-source image upscaling web app template for your Next.js project. Powered by Replicate AI.

My_space screenshot

A responsive frontend built with Next.js, using Zustand for state management, shadcn for UI components, Zod for validation, and Tailwind CSS for styling. Ensures a seamless and interactive user experience.

Next Blog screenshot

Driven by nextjs, shadcnui style blog template.

default image

An SSR website using Nuxt3, Vuetify3, Pinia, Tailwind, Knexjs and Joi validation. You can use it as a template to build your own website. Please check out the demo link below. ↓

Page Ui screenshot

📃 Landing page UI components for React & Next.js, built on top of TailwindCSS

Planner screenshot

Planner Component: A React component for dynamic appointment management. Features drag-and-drop, date range selections, and integrates with shadcn/ui. Perfect for developers enhancing apps with efficient scheduling capabilities.

PopShop screenshot

eCommerce Shoping Platform based on ReactTS & Daisy UI, integrating Supabase

Prabhukirankonda Portfolio screenshot

Personal website and blog

Quark screenshot

:milky_way: Quark is your template for Next.js to create tools faster.